Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 22, 2017 11:22 am

1. Be respectful of each other. Many parrot websites have a tendency to be filled with over-zealous hardcore parrot owners, who, if they don't agree with the way you are raising your parrot companion will impart wisdom of the nasty kind. There are many ways you can disagree with someone, be nice about it. It would be more beneficial to everyone if instead of being rude about it, you used it as a teaching tool instead, we can all benefit from more knowledge.

2. No trolling, flaming, harassment, spamming of any kind. We can ban your IP.

3. Don't post pictures of your parrot in dangerous conditions. IE. Hanging out with predator animals such as dogs, cats, owls, etc. While your other family pets may be tolerant of your parrot, it's putting him/her in danger, and shouldn't be promoted as a safe activity, especially for newer parrot owners. Deliberately placing your parrot in a dangerous situation like him/her hanging out with you while you're cooking dinner and using hot plates, whilst you may perceive it to be safe, it can be a disaster waiting to happen. If you're not sure - ASK.

4. This is a no sale forum. If you want to advertise your parrot for sale, hop on over to e-bay or gumtree etc. Any advertisements will be deleted and your IP may be banned.

5. Whilst many of us are experienced parrot owners, we in no way, are veterinarians. While we can offer advice, your best bet is to book an appointment with your local bird vet and talk to them if your parrot is sick.

6. Remember that we were all new to parrot owning, once. There is no such thing as a stupid question, and although it can be frustrating for more experienced parrot owners, please refrain from being unkind to newer parronts.

7. Have fun! Very Happy


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